Alcon – Production Line Maint Tech


Job Purpose:

  • Troubleshoot and maintain equipment to fill and package products in accordance with standards and procedures (cGMP, SOPs, etc).
  • Troubleshoot line/equipment mechanical and electrical problems, and perform efficient corrective maintenance to bring line/equipment back into a running and reliable state.
  • Write and implement SOPs and Preventive Maintenance (PM) procedures.
  • Identify and implement mechanical/electrical changes to enhance quality, compliance, reliability and reduce cost, following cGMP and SOPs, with minimal supervision.
  • Work with Production to determine line/equipment reliability issues; provide regular feedback on line/equipment status and estimated time to repair.
  • Keep work areas clean and free of hazards or dangerous conditions, and work safely.
  • Perform duties in accordance with Health, Safety, and Environmental standards.
  • Safely use maintenance hand/power tools and test equipment.
  • Plan and execute Preventive Maintenance activities with minimal supervision.
  • Adjust work activities according to shifting production priorities.
  • Technical: Troubleshoot and maintain equipment to fill and package products in accordance with standards and procedures (cGMP, SOPs, etc).
  • Strictly adhere to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Current Good Documentation Practices (cGDP), and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Resolve and/or report all discrepancies immediately.
  • Perform technical setup of line/equipment for daily operation, according to SOP for assigned work area.
  • Maintain line/equipment in accordance with SOP and quality standards.
  • Complete required documentation in accordance with cGMP and cGDP.
  • Maintain aseptic personnel certification, and practice good aseptic techniques in performance of duties.
  • Work with suppliers to identify spare parts.
  • Work with factory representatives and contractors to ensure work is performed in accordance with cGMP and SOPs.
  • Assist plant engineers in new equipment startups and engineering changes.
  • Support training of new coworkers, and share knowledge and experience with coworkers to develop team’s overall capability.
  • Listen attentively and communicate clearly with customers, suppliers, coworkers and associates at all levels of the organization.
  • Work with Quality Assurance on product quality issues and compliance activities.
  • Communicate and work with Maintenance to resolve problems with equipment.

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